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Sadie’s Work and Philosophy

As our world changes, social stratum shifts, and so too do our perceptions about how we can live our lives to their fullest extent.

One of the shifts that seems to be occurring is, unsurprisingly, in the realm of romantic relationships. Isn’t that where we often feel the most contentment and satisfaction? And aren’t these types of relationships also where much heartache and frustration originate?

Yet, despite this emotional juxtaposition we continue forth in our quest to satisfy that part of us, our need for intimacy, attachment and love. Because we have to.

I believe that the Open Relationship paradigm —one that includes a couple as well as additional romantic partners— is one whose time has come, and for exactly these reasons. Regular people like you and I are discovering that living fully means embracing our sexuality — this huge piece of us that is so biologically embedded within us but that our culture has dishonored with social restrictions, like insisting that marriage and long-term coupling look a particular way.

Monogamy works for some, but not for all. But non-monogamy can be tricky to manage.

Sometimes a couple or group require outside help in navigating their Open Relationship. Think of how difficult relationships between two people can be! It makes sense that the more people you add into your dynamic, the higher the potential for pitfalls and disturbances. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Open Relationships can and do provide extreme fulfillment for many people. Even if it’s difficult sometimes, the payoffs can be very well worth it.

I have been practicing responsible non-monogamy and Open Marriage for seven years. And during this time I have chronicled my journey, providing more information pertaining to Open Relationships than anyone else on the internet today — comprehensive glimpses into my life that can be seen in publications such as Good Vibrations Magazine, The Examiner, my personal blog Sadies Open Marriage, discussed on various podcasts (including The Pickup Podcast and Blog Talk Radio) and in my book Open All the Way: Confessions From My Open Marriage.

I know about Open Relationships.

So, whether you are considering embarking upon an open relationship and would like some help getting started, or you have been practicing an Open Relationship for a while and are negotiating the invariable hurdles that occur —which is where the aforementioned frustration and heartache come into play— I can help.

Via phone, Skype or face-to-face, I can provide a safe and completely confidential place for you to work through your stuff. Groups, couples, and singles of all ages, cultures, and sexual orientations. Your story doesn’t matter to me as much as your well-being does.

Live your life fully. Authentically. A life full of loving relationships that you and your partners have designed together. And if you need assistance in getting there, feel free to contact me.

~Sadie Smythe

Sadie Smythe is a sex and relationships writer, a memoir author, an advocate for sexual freedom, a producer, curator and founder of the storytelling series BedPost Confessions, a single mother of a supercool kid, the possessor of a degree in psychology, a speaker on the subject of sober sex, and a relationship consultant … among other things.




“Sadie, thank you for for having the courage to be so transparent, even through the hard and messy stuff. You make people like us not feel so abnormal in a society that wants to convince us that there is only one way to have a marriage and raise kids.”
~ Yami M.

“I needed advanced relationship counseling as I consider a separation and explore all the current changes. Sadie provided just that. Deep listening and caring along with experience, professionalism and knowledge. She quickly grasped my true goals and desires and reflected them back to me with a clarity that had been clouded by my anxiety and over-thinking.”
~ D.E.

“I knew Sadie would be the best person to turn to for advice. And I wasn't disappointed. Not only did I get a response instantly but also an appointment for the very next day. And I managed to get a lot of questions answered to my satisfaction. I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking advice on open relationships.”
~ Ryan H.

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