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  • Are you are considering embarking upon an Open Relationships but you have many questions and/or you aren’t quite sure how to get started?
  • Have you been practicing an Open Relationship for a while, are negotiating some tricky spots and are needing some guidance?
  • Do you want some help designing the relationship that works best for you and your partner or partners?


Sadie Smythe can help. Email her for a consultation.



Check out Sadie’s old blog about her Open Marriage, or Sadie’s most recent blog, That’s What Sadie Said




“Sadie, thank you for for having the courage to be so transparent, even through the hard and messy stuff. You make people like us not feel so abnormal in a society that wants to convince us that there is only one way to have a marriage and raise kids.”
~ Yami M.

“I needed advanced relationship counseling as I consider a separation and explore all the current changes. Sadie provided just that. Deep listening and caring along with experience, professionalism and knowledge. She quickly grasped my true goals and desires and reflected them back to me with a clarity that had been clouded by my anxiety and over-thinking.”
~ D.E.

“I knew Sadie would be the best person to turn to for advice. And I wasn't disappointed. Not only did I get a response instantly but also an appointment for the very next day. And I managed to get a lot of questions answered to my satisfaction. I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking advice on open relationships.”
~ Ryan H.

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